Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Elderberry Extract May Reduce Influenza Symptoms

One of my evidence-based medicine resources just sent out a weekly update discussing Elderberry extract as a natural remedy for influenza symptoms. You can google Elderberry extract but the two commonly marketed forms are Sambucol and ViraBloc are avialable locally. You can find ViraBloc at GNC, online. I searched at Wal-mart and Walgreens and neither sell it online. The Sambucol can be found online at Walgreens and CVS. CVS online reports that it's in stock at CVS on Daisey Mountain.
Again, during influenza season, it's most important to be seen in a timely manner, especially with H1N1 or if you have any chronic medical problems. Elderberry extract is something that may help improve symptoms after having influenza. I wouldn't use this as an exclusive therapy for influenza.
Pilot Clinical Study on a Proprietary Elderberry Extract: Efficacy in Addressing Influenza Symptoms. Fan-kun Kong, PhD.

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Bryan Glick, DO